from by Refraction



We are the architects of our own demise
Breeding hatred like a spreading disease
Afflicting those of a closed mind

Time wasted searching for the cures of the ailments of this world
When all we have to do is look in the fucking mirror

Closed minded people live out their lives In darkness
Never seeing the light
Where did we go wrong

We have blacked out the sun for too long
It's time to start acting like we fucking belong

Further bettering the quality of our own lives
By destroying life
I see no sense
I see no reason
Killing Season After season

Will you break free, fight for change
or sit back and just play your part
in the clot, that's choking the life from our worlds once thriving once flourishing heart.

Will you be the beginning
Or the end.

It's your hands


from Fossils, released December 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Refraction Melbourne, Australia

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